Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ohio Reconsiders "Vicious Dog" Label

Currently in the state of Ohio labels all pit bulls (and any dog that looks like it might be a pit bull) as "vicious". Dog owners have to carry expensive insurance policies in order to keep their pit bull (or "pit bull type") dogs. One lawmaker in Ohio is stepping up to try to change that.

You can view the news story here, including a link in the upper left hand corner to a video piece. The video features Lisa, who is the reason that I knew about Measle's Animal Haven (she was a foster parent for them) and as a result, the reason that I adopted my little Probert. :)

Also, check out Lisa's super super cute little foster pup, Broby, in the video! Love his ears!

Ohio residents: send letters of support to Representative Sears! As we know, the breed is not the determining factor of whether a dog is vicious. Responsible ownership is the answer, as well as enforcement and improvement of existing animal welfare laws. A dog shouldn't have to act out before it can be legally removed from a bad situation.


Holly said...

It's Holly from lj - and I live in Ohio. Luckily little Miss Tulip was written down as a "boxer / husky mix" so unless we have to have her tested (vet says she looks likea boxer / pit mix, and thus advised to not) it doesn't count us in. Yet. For the city we live in, to have a pit, or some other breeds, you have to have extra insurance, higher fences, etc. It's all bs.

Anonymous said...

This post is to Holly:

Holly, in Ohio, it doesn't matter what breed your vet says your dog is. In Ohio, the dog warden, and sometimes police are the only opinion that matters. If they say it is a pit or a pit mix, then that is what it is. If you don't have the insurance and follow the other laws, you are placing your dogs life in harms way. Please don't think it can't or won't happen to you.